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Savage Schools

Bethel Christian Academy (private)
Founded in 1984, Bethel Christian Academy has two locations – its school for grades K-4 is located at 8455 Savage Guilford Road, while grades 5-8 meet in Bethel Assembly of God Church.
Bethel Christian Academy website

Bollman Bridge Elementary School
Bollman Bridge Elementary School is located at 8200 Savage Guilford Road. Opened in 1988, the school was most recently renovated in 2011. It serves more than 700 children in grades K-5.
Bollman Bridge Elementary School website

Patuxent Valley Middle School
Patuxent Valley Middle School is located at 9151 Vollmerhausen Road. Opened in 1989, the school serves more than 600 children in grades 6-8.
Patuxent Valley Middle School website

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